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Asianconnect sa impegno

You want to talk about the ultimate in sports betting brokerage, a one – stop center for all your betting needs this side of the world,  you are talking about the licensed betting company that understands every aspect of the trade; the kind that has all the tools to improve your trading performance and profit.

With AsianConnect Betting,  you are dealing with the best odds and the highest maximum limits.  Since incorporating it’s sports brokerage in 2009, Asianconnect has been leading the charge and has attracted sports betting brokers over the world.  Servicing more than 20 countries, Asianconnect betting is the link between European bettors and the Asian markets.

Blame it on experience and expertise – from bookmakers ,syndicate ,punters, Asianconnect has a great understanding of how each role works, and for a period of five years, has gained the distinction of being one of the premier companies that cater to sports betting brokerage .  On top of that, AsianConnect is the only company that provides both betting accounts and MSN betting.  With real time odds, low fixed monthly cost, dedicated staff that provide 27/7 support, plus exclusive application that makes things more convenient than the rest of the competition, Asianconnect easily provides the fastest Asian books price service. With the assurance that no private information will leak to any third party, the possibilities are just endless for you, our beloved betting brokers.

At  Asianconnect, commitment is the key to  ensure that we  give  a better quality service that will satisfy our clients.