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Asianconnect88 menerima Bitcoin

Asianconnect88 now accepts Bitcoin

Asianconnect88 now accepts Bitcoin

It is now possible to trade through the asianconnect88 sports brokerage using bitcoin. Smart punters who like to place bets at good odds and get fast payouts can now make transactions using the virtual currency. Bitcoins are ideally suited to gambling as they offer anonymous betting as no payments and withdrawals go through a central bank.


asianconnect88 offers a broker service whereby they place bets on behalf of their customers with leading Asian sportsbooks. The brokers for the Asian market allow bettors to take advantage of the best odds and high limits. Big staking players can enjoy the benefits of using a broker service and bitcoin to bet.


The bitcoin currency is ideal for those gamblers that like to bet on sports. For the first time this summer bettors will be able to place bets on the soccer world championships in Brazil using bitcoin. The virtual currency has not been invented when the last soccer tournament took place four years ago.


Betting on sport has seen massive growth in Asia, especially betting on soccer which accounts for more than half of all bets, by volume and total stake. Betting using Skype is another new feature for asianconnect88 customers but the most significant development is the use of bitcoin.


The currency has been criticized as there is no control of how the asset is traded. Its critics have said it makes it easier for criminals to operate on the internet as their deals cannot be traced. Some security issues need to be addressed before bitcoin are accepted as an acceptable way of doing business, including with online bookmakers.


Bitcoin have an advantage over other currencies in that there is a low risk of inflation which means customer’s betting balances will not lose value. Bitcoin are not regulated by one government so there is a low risk of collapse. In the context of betting they are safe, simple and cheap. They are untraceable so a user does not need to worry about any organization being able to trace the source of betting funds. Despite the risks bitcoin are good for betting and asianconnect88.