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Bertaruh di Sepakbola

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Soccer betting accounts for about half online betting turnover and number of bets placed. It is the most popular sport in the world, both live at the stadia and on television and the global interest in the sport is reflected in the level of betting, especially for matches televised live.

The English Premier League is the most viewed and bet on and matches that are screened live on televisions around the world generate a phenomenal amount of gambling interest. The other main leagues in Europe in Spain, Italy, Germany and France are also hugely popular for betting.

Clubs in England are owned by wealthy people from all over the world, including the United States, Russia and Asia. Monies paid to the clubs for live television coverage has also increased the financial strength of the league.

Clubs in England can afford to pay the highest wages and so attract the best players. With players from many different countries appearing on television gamblers around the world bet on this league like no other.

Every four years there is a massive increase in soccer betting when the World Cup is staged. From each World Cup to the next the amount staked increases significantly and this summer’s renewal in Brazil will be the most popular event in the history of sports betting.

Soccer truly is a global game and there are more members of FIFA than the United Nations. Just about every nation in the world tries to qualify for the World Cup and when one of the smaller nations makes the finals there are massive celebrations in that country.

Gamblers in Asia either betting through a sportsbook or brokerage now have a massive selection of leagues, matches and markets on which to bet. European bookmakers led the way with odds for over 50 leagues and online sportsbooks based in Asia now offer an extensive range of leagues.

SBOBET is one of the biggest sportsbooks in the Asian market and is one of the brands promoted by the brokerage, Asian Connect. Football appears at the top of the menu of sports on this company’s website and football is the most clicked option.

SBOBET is typical with regards the number of leagues on offer and when the website was looked at there were odds in 625 markets over 35 leagues. The most matches were for England, covering the four main professional leagues and some more obscure. This number of bets varies from day to day but about this number is common throughout the European football seasons.

For a normal Premier League match in England punters in Asia can bet on about 20 markets. The most popular is the  X2 which involves trying to predict the outcome of a match which can be home win, draw and away win. Betting on the number of goals in a match is also popular and correct score betting also attracts a large number of bets.

Asian handicap betting originated in Asia and has been introduced in Europe. It creates markets with an even chance of each outcome occurring. When there is a big favourite and underdog Asian handicaps encourage bettors to get involved in uncompetitive matches.

Half point handicaps eliminate the tie and this type of betting generates some massive single bets. The sports brokerages in Asia are happy to place these bets at good odds  and then make fast payouts soon after the match in question has ended.