How to better manage your sports betting money

Betting Level: Beginner to Intermediate

If you’re a casual sports bettor, you may not make a fuss about how you’re spending your money. Occasional losses can make you think you’re doing just fine with your betting money. But if you want to up your game and become a pro bettor, or if you’re already a pro bettor juggling funds on different bookies to bet on the best odds and highest stake limits, it’s a different story.

You have to have efficient strategies in managing your sports betting funds across different bookmakers. What’s better is, if you have someone else to manage it for you and not have to worry about it.

Having a system to account for your sports betting money can help you become the pro bettor you want in no time. It sounds like a luxury, but really, you can have this professional service for free.

We’ll tell you how.

Tip # 1. Bet through a trusted bet broker

This tip is crucial you must pay attention. A LOT of pro bettors never rely on a single sports betting site; they scour different sites looking for the best odds. They have multiple accounts. And, unfortunately, multiple wallets. If you know this already, you also know the pain that comes from having to manage all of your money from different bookies. A single transaction, such as withdrawing money from another wallet, transferring to another is time-consuming. There can be delays even before you can bet. It is costly too, as each bookie charges differently. In a way, you’re not fully in control of your money.

A bet broker addresses these concerns and more. A bet broker like Asianconnect allows you to bet on multiple bookies in a single wallet so you don’t need to make a switch every now and then. Or go to a local bank just to withdraw money. The more liquid your assets are, the safer it is for you and your money. Think of a bet broker as your all-in-one banking solutions designed for your sports betting needs.

Be cautious though. Not all bet brokers are licensed. Look for the trusted bet broker who has been in the industry for at least 10 years. Asianconnect is the first bet broker that comes to mind of most pro punters if they think of a trusted bet broker. It is because we have made it our mission to help punters maximize their profits. Asianconnect’s pride is that we have never missed a customer payout in our 10 years of business, and we are the fastest to pay the customers.

See more of what Asianconnect can do for your sports betting needs by watching this video.

Why Bet in Asianconnect

Tip # 2. Take advantage of sports betting money management tools

Betting through a trusted bet broker can give you some added perks. One is having a membership portal where you can better manage your sports betting money. For instance, Asianconnect’s membership site allows you to deposit and withdraw money in a single click. This lessens the hassle of contacting the Customer Service for you to get your money. There is also a transaction history, which is an excellent feature to track your expenses; and make a review of your betting progresses, whether you are hitting your target goals or not.

Asianconnect’s membership site is one of the coolest membership sites available for punters to date. It’s easy to use as most of what you need can be done at the comfort of your own home.

Getting Started with Asianconnect | Asianconnect Membership Site

Tip # 3. Consider hiring a (free) bet trader

So you’re a busy CEO of your own company, wearing many hats. The least you want to deal with is getting stuck in piles of paper works, in this day and age, can be digital paper works, to handle and manage all of your bets, and do the accounting for your sports betting money.

If you’re serious in making sports betting your career, you should consider hiring a bet trader.

So what is a bet trader and how is it different from a bet broker?

bet trader is like your personal assistant – your sports betting go-to person. Say you are working on a strict budget of 500 Euros only, you chat with your bet trader to place bets for the best odds taking into consideration your budget. Your bet trader always stays on top of the game – watching the best odds, studying bets. A bet trader knows when and where to bet to maximize your profits. Just think of how your fund manager works in splitting your funds to different investments, and you get the picture of what a bet agent does. A bet trader operates under, often employed by, a licensed bet broker.

Asianconnect does a terrific job of giving their valued customers a bet trader through their Skype betting service. You simply chat with a bet trader on Skype, and a bet trader will place bets in your behalf. You can still bet on the maximum limits when you bet on Skype. The good news is, Skype betting is totally FREE. You get the chance to have your own personal assistant, or bet trader with no costs involved.

Asianconnect is the most trusted account management tool in Asia. With almost 20 years of experience, Asianconnect is the ultimate destination for everyone who wants a complete sports experience.

2021 © Asianconnect. All rights reserved.

Asianconnect is the most trusted account management tool in Asia. With almost 20 years of experience, Asianconnect is the ultimate destination for everyone who wants a complete sports experience.

2021 © Asianconnect. All rights reserved.