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Corredores de apuestas

asianconnect-img2The key to betting profitably and to big stakes in Asian handicap markets is to identify a reliable and customer supportive betting broker. The need for decent brokers has led to a whole new industry in online gambling and that is bet brokering. This type of organization provides a solution to the problem of getting substantial bets accepted by the online betting community.

European bookmakers are vigilant in identifying winning players and customers who place the type of bets that reduce the edge for the bookmaker. Online operators that have their origins in the retail betting industry in the United Kingdom will monitor customers carefully and it takes very little for a player’s business to be seen as enviable.

All traditional bookmakers make their profits from paying back to customers less than their stake. Approximately 2% of sports bettors win consistently but bookmakers still look to identify the small proportion that profit and then make trading decisions to improve their returns from this type of business.

The trend for bookmakers to close accounts or limit stakes is now being seen with Asian bookmakers, especially those who trade under a white label. It is now possible to buy a ready made and fit for purpose bookmaking label for a relatively modest investment. However, these small operators cannot compete with the big brands in terms of advertising and marketing spend.

The industry predicts there will be a movement towards more acquisitions so margins are being cut and losing business (winning for the punter) is being turned away. Customers are now looking to intermediaries to place bets to big stakes and the best odds and this is a role a bet brokerage can undertake.

In Asia credit limits are made available on the basis of trust. Brokers have the background to place substantial bets for their customers. The brokers receive a commission from the bookmakers based on turnover. The bigger the stakes the great the reward in terms of commission for the broker.

Asian Connect was founded in 2006 and since then has worked to provide brokerage services for Asian betting. The company looks to provide the best service by working with bookmakers that can deliver best odds, fast payouts and secure and discreet betting. This broker is more comfortable working with a relatively small number of high stakes bettors which allows them to provide a personal and targeted service. The company is licensed and regulated and has a reputation for prompt settlement of their customer’s betting accounts.