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Courtage de sport

Photo: PBBGStocks | Sports Brokerage

Photo: PBBGStocks | Sports Brokerage

Betting brokers have emerged in response to the demand to place big bets at competitive prices and to be paid out promptly and in full after a winning bet. Asian bookmakers are more comfortable with accepting large wagers than their European counterparts and these bets are often placed through brokers.

Handicap betting on sport and soccer in particular is very popular in the Asian markets. Punters like to bet on two way markets and this is how Asian handicaps work through setting quarter or half goal handicaps in soccer. When there is a big favourite the money line does not interest most bettors so handicaps are applied to make the probability of both outcomes taking place just about equal.

Asian handicap betting on English soccer is massively popular and clients are prepared to risk huge amounts of money on the result of a Premier League match. Live television coverage has also increased this trend and betting in Asia is dominated by turnover on the Premier League in England.

Sports betting has seen a massive global growth, even though it is still illegal in some jurisdictions. There are stringent gambling laws in the United States which make online gambling illegal in many states. The authorities in Asia have a more liberal view so sports betting through web based sportsbooks is growing.

European based bookmakers will close an account or limit the stakes of a winning bettor. These firms work on the basis of attracting many small staking customers which means not one client can influence the market. Television advertising is now allowed in the United Kingdom and the National Lottery has fostered a more gambling orientated society.

Sports brokers do exist in Europe but there is less demand for their services as most gamblers have no difficulty in placing their modest bets. A big stakes player who wins consistently will be flagged by the security departments of online bookmakers. He will only be allowed to bet to small stakes or asked to take his business elsewhere.

The role of the sports broker is to work with his customer to get high stakes bets accepted at the best odds in the market. A sports broker will build up relationships with bookmakers who are happy in Asia to take large bets and work with the sports broker accordingly.

AsianConnect is one of the biggest and best sports brokers in the Asian market. The company allows bets to be placed through Skype which means bets can be placed in a timely manner at prices that might soon be adjusted in response to weight of money. Skype betting allows for anonymous staking pre-game and in-running.

Sports brokers like AsianConnect have access to the leading sportsbooks in Asia. These sportsbooks offer their clients high limits and accessibility and a good sports broker will be able to work with these sportsbooks. Big punters in Europe are now beginning to work with sports brokers based in Asia.

AsianConnect uses the latest betting tool to get their clients bets accepted. The tool incorporates the latest technology and includes a fast live-betting platform. The odds on offer are reliable and speed of bet placement means wagers can be placed at the latest advertised odds. This would be more difficult for a bettor working independently and not alongside an efficient sports broker like AsianConnect.