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Het verschil tussen decimaal, Maleis, Hong Kong en Moneyline Odds

Across the world there are several different ways of expressing the returns from a winning bet. Betting sites now have features that allow customers to convert the odds listed to the type of format with which they are most comfortable. The principle behind all types of odds is the same as they express probability and hence the potential returns, including the initial stake.

Decimal Odds

Decimal odds are most popular in Europe, but not so much in the United Kingdom, the country that has a tradition of fractional odds. Fractional odds show the number of times the stake won for a successful bet. Fractional odds of 4/1 means a winning bet returns a profit of four times the stake.

Decimal odds show the return to the bettor including the stake. Fractional odds of 4/1 equate to decimal odds of 5 as a punter would get five units back from a stake of 1 unit. Decimal odds are used by betting exchanges because they are the easiest way to calculate a trading position.

Malay Odds

Most Malaysian sports betting is on soccer and the most popular betting league is the Premiership in England. Clubs such as Liverpool and Manchester United historically and more recently Chelsea and Manchester City have huge followings in Asian countries like Malaysia. Almost 90% of sports bets in Malaysia are placed on soccer.

In an FA Cup match between Manchester United and Southport United would be -5 favourites which equates to a handicap of 5 goals. Malaysian odds express the relationship between the stake and return in a betting market. They are different to American or decimal odds in that the returns are expressed as a proportion of 1. A team quoted in Malay odds of 0.4 will return 40% of the stake plus the stake if that team wins.

Hong Kong Odds

HK odds are an expression of the relationship between the stake and the return. Sports betting in Hong Kong is very well developed and syndicates place huge bets on soccer and horse racing. The books have small margins but stakes are high so sports betting is very lucrative for bookmakers in this part of the world.

Hong Kong odds are very similar to Malay odds and some believe are the most simple to understand in the world. The odds are expressed as a number less than one and the smaller that number the bigger the favourite. The odds are simple because they show how much can be won for each unit bet.

Moneyline Odds

Moneyline odds are usually associated with the North American betting sports of football, basketball, baseball and ice hockey. These are not handicap odds as they express the relative ability of both sides without the application of a head start. The point spread concerns the margin of victory but the moneyline is concerned with which team wins.

Moneyline odds are most popular for those sports that create small margins of victory or defeat. Baseball, ice hockey and soccer are not best suited to point spreads while basketball and US football are, though bookies will quote moneyline odds for all these sports.

In moneyline odds bookies are still trying to attract equal two way business. However, the punters may only be interested in backing the favourite so the bookies are vulnerable if the punters are right. They hope they will get enough favourites beat to compensate for most wagers being winners when the favourite obliges.