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Jak Azjatycka agencja zakłady pracy systemu?

Photo by: EuroSport

Photo by: EuroSport

The Asian betting agency system is based on trust as a customer is passing on betting information to a third party. An agent will place bets on behalf of his client. The agency will try to get the best odds and bets to large stakes. The agency system works in Asia where customers generally place larger bets than their European counterparts.


Due to the nature of the relationship between the customer and the agent making contact just via websites and emails is not advisable. Agents in Asia will suggest face-to-face meetings to establish an element of trust and a strategy for placing bets. The key is that the agent uses contacts in the bookmaking industry to get large bets accepted.


A good betting agent will have efficient withdrawal procedures so a customer has access to his funds at short notice. Bank transfer costs must be minimized as they could easily eat into profits especially if a bettor is working with small margins.  However, agencies betting with Asian bookmakers will have access to high limits.


Betting agents in Asia offer credit but this will be withdrawn from bad payers. A professional bettor using an agent with get generous credit but he has to pay the agent in line with the agreed terms and conditions otherwise favorable terms will be withdrawn.


Betting agencies in Asia are also known as bet brokers. These companies facilitate sports brokerage by getting large bets accepted at the best odds on the market. Bet brokers are popular in Asia as bets on average are much bigger then those placed in Europe.


Before using a betting agency a customer must set up a broker account.  This can then be used to get the highest limit possible with Asian bookmakers. Once the bet has expired the customer can request withdrawal of his winning funds or pay the agent the amount lost if working on the basis of credit.


It often happens that Asian bookmakers offer better odds than bookmakers based in Europe. The key to working with an agent is building up a long-time collaboration and mutual trust. This element of working with an agent is even more important when large amounts of money are involved.


The Asian market is still growing significantly so there are still some issues of reliability to be resolved. Customers have to be able to trust agents and bookmakers and this trust is in the process of being established alongside low margins, high limits and big payouts for bettors in Asia.