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Límites de apuestas en Asia

Photo: Eurosport | Betting Limits in Asia

Photo: Eurosport | Betting Limits in Asia

European based online bookmakers offer an extensive range of sports, leagues and markets and all have a huge live betting or in-play offer. Literally thousands of sporting events, but most notably for soccer, can now be traded during play. The traditional bookmakers are now starting to offer a trading service which mirrors the Cash Out facility on Betfair.

The business model for the leading brands like bet365, Ladbrokes and William Hill is based on a large number of small bettors than the small number of big bettors that a bookmaker based in Asia will be looking to attract. It only takes a modest winning run for a traditional bookmaker to close an account based on a trading decision.

With relatively small bettors no one customer or syndicate can radically cause odds to shift. Total stakes and liabilities are monitored and prices fluctuate accordingly but it would take many small bets to make the 1X2 odds shift. European type bookmakers offer three way betting for soccer matches and the draw is not bet on in line with the true probability of one taking place.

Most bettors like to bet on something to happen and generally a draw or a tie in any sport will be good for the bookmakers. Asian betting eliminates the tie by introducing a half or quarter goal handicap. Betting on the result of a soccer match can becomes a two way proposition which means the bookie has less running for him than in home, draw, away scenario common in Europe and especially the United Kingdom.

Credit limits and secure betting allow for bigger stakes in Asia. Margins are smaller and competition means operators can respond to the odds compilers by cutting prices, though with liabilities in mind. This type of low margin bookmaking means big bets are accepted. There is not such a culture of managing betting accounts in Asia where limits and potential liabilities are greater.

Bet brokers facilitate bigger bets as their commission is based on turnover. It is in the interests of the brokers to identify the more established companies that will be in a better position to accept big bets especially in soccer and Asian handicap markets. Brokers like Asian Connect can provide quick betting even if the stakes are high. Fewer bets are vetoed which means a decent broker can offer a timely service in terms of getting the bets taken and paid out after a winning bet.