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Meilleurs parieurs et de paris en toute sécurité

Photo: The Courier-Mail | Online Sports Betting

Photo: The Courier-Mail | Online Sports Betting

Residents of Asia who bet on sports generally place bigger bets than their European counterparts. The business model in Europe for online sportsbooks like Bet365 or Stan James, is to attract many customers placing relatively small bets on a wide variety of sports and markets. Profit margins are bigger in Europe and the offer includes a comprehensive range of outcomes to bet on.

Asia betting  is more characterized by big bets that can cause prices to move. With low profit margins one significant bet can lead to a bookie winning or losing on a match. Many Asians who bet on sports will use a sports brokerage to get bets taken and at the best odds.

Sports brokers earn a commission based on turnover and this type of organization helps the online sportsbooks to identify a customer who wants to place a big bet at the best odds available. Sports brokers also help to generate secure betting. This means big staking customers are betting without risk of default through bet brokers.

One of the most prominent sports brokerages in Asia is Asianconnect. This company puts convenient and secure betting as a key element of its success. Asianconnect are sports brokers that have a significant share of the Asian market. This company is licensed and regulated. They pride themselves on never missing or defaulting a payment to their clients.

Asianconnect  have built their reputation as a sports brokerage for Asia betting by a record of paying promptly and accurately. Their gaming license is legally authorized by the Government of Netherlands Antilles. The company is legally bonded to ensure they have sufficient funds to honor all winning bets.

A broker service  for betting in Asia offers easy transaction processing through various payment methods. All accounts are subject to a Username and Password which is encrypted. Even the employees of an online betting company will not have access to Password and some personal details of their clients.

Another aspect of secure betting  and integrity is the use of client data. The email address of a person who has shown an interest in sports betting will be of some value to somebody trying to sell a tipping service or some other product that is associated with sports betting. The good companies, both brokers and sportsbooks, will promise never to pass on client information to a party that will then use the information to bombard potential customers with sales letter and emails.

Sports brokers will try to attract the best customers which are big bettors who like to place large stake bets. In order to compete in the Asia betting market a sportsbook will offer 24/7 customer service, often with live Chat, and fast, secure and anonymous payouts. A sports brokerage must be seen to be reliable and one defaulted transaction can ruin a reputation but up over several years of sports brokerage.