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Parier sur Futsal

Photo by: The Examiner | Futsal

Photo by: The Examiner | Futsal

Futsal is a derivation of the sport of soccer played indoors with a hard ball and on a smaller pitch than in a conventional football arena. Teams consist of five players, four outfield players and the goalkeeper. Matches are played over two halves of 20 minutes. The clock is stopped when the ball goes dead which means matches last about 90 minutes, including the half time break.


The word futsal is derived from the expression futbol de salao which is Portuguese in origin. This literally means room football, the connection with the sport being that it is played indoors. The game is all about attack and defence, passing the ball to create openings and defending in numbers when not in possession.


It is not a coincidence that the best futsal players in the world come from Brazil, Italy  and Spain and those nations have won the last three conventional football World Cups. The Brazilian international Ronaldinho learnt his skills playing futsal. Players in Spain are given lucrative contracts and though not as prestigious as soccer futsal is a professional sport.


The main leagues are in Spain and Brazil, though there is also a strong European league in Italy and the Argentinean league in South America is also played at a high standard. There are futsal world championships every four years and regional international tournaments in South America, Asia and Africa. England is one of the few major soccer nations without a strong futsal league but five-a-side is similar and is very popular.


Betting through Asian bookmakers SBOBET or a brokers account on futsal involves the match outcome of home win, draw and away win, the total number of goals in a match and Asian odds handicap markets to attract two way equal business when there is a big favourite and underdog. Some Asian bookmakers offer odds on the result at half time and whether the total number of goals in a match is odd or even.


Futures sportsbooks betting revolves around the world championships, UEFA Futsal Cup and the other regional competitions. Futsal competitions generally comprise of qualifying matches and then a finals tournament in one country or city. Only Spain and Brazil have been world champions in the sport.


When live betting on futsal there are some proven strategies to follow for smart punters. Across all the global leagues the average number of goals in a futsal match is about eight. There are more goals in the South American leagues but the average is well established. There is a tendency for more goals in the second half than first but bookmakers tend to over compensate with their odds at half time.


In futsal late goals are very common, even in the last seconds of a match. If a team is losing by one goal they are likely to play ‘rush goalies’ which means they forgo the goalkeeper for an extra outfield player. They will generally either make the additional man count with a goal or the defending team will gain possession and score a goal into the unguarded net. This trend provide a good opportunity for those that bet on sports and smart punters.