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UNTERSCHIEDE asiatischen und europäischen BOOKIES

The differences between European and Asian bookies are fading since both markets try to serve an increasingly diverse audience. Punters’ interest in betting has changed over the years, posing tremendous challenges to gambling operators to cover a broad spectrum of betting products.

Asian bookmakers are known for being less strictly regulated; they also allow players to wager huge amounts. Meanwhile, European bookies limit punters to wager below €10,000.
In the absence of strict rules, Asian bookmakers can better protect the anonymity of their members—which is good to some extent. Law-abiding players will enjoy an excellent service if they open an account with trustworthy bookies such as Pinnacle Sports, SBObet, and IBCBet to name a few. By comparison, European bookmakers share information and will not hesitate to seize the funds when there are match fixing suspicions.

Asian bookmakers were the first to present players with the option of deciding between two, rather than three possible outcomes when betting. The Asian Handicap doesn’t truly eliminate the possibility of a draw but has the stakes or a portion of them returned when games end undecided. It is also much easier to maximize the return-on-investment when choosing this type of wager because the payout revolves around 97% as compared to 92% for standard odds.

The Asian handicap also allows players to place lucrative bets on lopsided games by backing the favorites to cover the spread or the underdogs not to lose by a wide margin. The 0:0 Asian handicap, or commonly referred to as the Draw no Bet line, is the most popular line that recompenses players for undecided matches. The 0.5 and 1.5 goal bets are also straightforward, with the former being the equivalent of the Double Chance wager offered by European bookmakers.

Split Asian handicaps are a bit confusing for they are sometimes displayed as “0.75”, while on other websites they appear “3/4″ or “0.5, 1″. These are the same types of bets, split into distinct wagers and the pay-outs are made accordingly. When the favourite wins by two goals or when the match ends in a draw, the outcome is simple: the player wins the maximum amount or loses the investment. If the game ends in a narrow margin victory for the favourite, half of the stake wins at the given odds while the other half is refunded.

European Handicap, however, gives advantage to one of the two teams before the start of the match, but the results of the game has three possibilities: home win, draw, and away win.
Unlike Asian handicapping system that allows players to get the refunds when the game ends undecided, the European Handicapping has no void bets or stakes being refunded. The most noteworthy advantage of European handicap is that bettors can earn big chunks of profit out of backing the favourites and the underdogs from not losing the game.

Which is better?
In a nutshell, Asian bookmakers can be a better option for those who cherish privacy or anonymity, while also striving to extract maximum value from given odds and bets. While certain breaches exist and wrongdoers can take advantage, the risks are mitigated when you sign up with a regulated Asian sports book that boasts a flawless track record.